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che*t Point Blank Indonesia Terbaru Update 05=06 April 2014

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Member Pemula
Member Pemula

che*t Point Blank Terbaru Update Maret 2014 WallHack, GM ha*k Grade, Skill, Chams Dll.

Download che*t =

Fitur che*t :

GM ha*k Grade
No Respon
Quick Change
Damage 50%
WH ESP Box (New)
WH ESP Name (New)
WH ESP Health (New)
WH ESP Line (New)
WH ESP Box (Auto On in Room)

Hotkeys che*t :

Wallhack D3D Menu :

On\Off Menu : Insert
On che*t : -> | arah panah kanan pada keyboard
Off che*t : <- | Arah panah kiri
Pilih che*t : Panah Atas Dan Bawah
On Off Dimana saja | Lobby,Room,Pertandingan dimana saja bebas On/OFF

Tutorial Menjalankan che*t :

Buka PB Launcher
Buka che*t PB nya
Start PB

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