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che*t Point Blank FullHack Supeer Auto Headshot 1 Hit 13 Jul

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Link Download : http://www.sharebeast.com/8ghu9ju7d6ia

I'm Not A Lecher
I'm A Cheater
I'm A Hacker
I'm The God Of Game

Che*t Point Blank FullHack 27 agustus 2012
Released : 27 agustus 2012

Features :
[-] 1 hit all SG
[-] Burst all awp
[-] Wallhack

Hotkey :
[-] Burst & 1 hit ( auto On )
[-] Wallhack Phantom ( F11 )

Status :
[-]Undetected and Packed

How To Use :
[-]Open PB Launcher
[-]Open Injector / Che*t NHI
[-]Start PB
[-]After The HS has been suspended by the injector / NHI
[-]Click The Che*t button [e.g FullHack button ]
[-]After it Resume
[-]Don't Move Your Mouse Until You've Login to PB !!
[-]Close Notice With Enter Button !!

Creator :
[-] RJRyukiee
[-] NH [Injector]

Special Thx :
[-] Leopard
[-] Ewiskan
[-] Radyt a.K.a MeGanFoxz
[-] BlazeIrul
[-] Amazink
[-] LamKa
[-] Cupers
[-] Armez a.K.a Xender2nd
[-] AmoyN3
[-] GryanBoyzN3
[-] And WAF

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